Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Post-Weinstein 

The EU and Gender Equality

  • Six big reasons for women to vote Remain in the EU referendum. Shared parental leave, equal pay, anti-discrimination laws, special funding for women-led projects and protection against harassment and human trafficking: it’s all enshrined in EU law. Co-authored with Mary Honeyball, MEP for the Labour Party. The Independent.

Honour Killings

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Domestic Violence

War Rape

Slave Labour

Forced Marriage

Violence against women and girls

Privatised Children’s Homes

 International Human Rights

Sex-segregated Sports

Oxbridge Drinking Societies 

The Case for Quotas in the Legal Profession

Feminist or Equalist?

Legal Aid Cuts

War Crimes 

Gay Marriage

Interview with Alastair Campbell