Launching the Pilot Practice Direction on Forced Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation Protection Orders

Goldsmith Chambers and National Police Chiefs’ Council, 27.11.2018

To raise awareness of the new Pilot Practice Direction on FGM and forced marriage in family courts, Goldsmith Chambers and the NPCC have collaborated to host a conference.

Speakers include: Rt Hon Sir Andrew McFarlene, the President of the Family Division; Nancy Durrell McKenna, Safe Hands; Dr Charlotte Proudman, Barrister at Goldsmith Chambers; Pal Singh, Detective Sergeant; Dr Leyla Hussain, founder of Daughters of Eve; Natasha Rattu, Karma Nirvana; Sunny Angel, author of Wings. Over 160 people signed up to attend the event in Inner Temple Church. An overview of the event can be found at the Metro.


Diversity and the Law

Queen Mary University, 31.10.2018

Charlotte Proudman was invited to discuss diversity in the law with a panel of lawyers and academics, Camille Joly, Deborah Lawunmi, Felicity Gerry, Charlotte Proudman and Amit Popat.

Legal Debate of 2018: Why quotas are the only solution to gender equality in the workplace

Thomson Reuters, 19.09.2018

Four big names from the world of law, media and politics came together last week at ‘The Legal Debates 2018’, a Thomson Reuters event in London to debate how to bring an end to gender inequality in the workplace.

Charlotte Proudman and Catherine Mayer persuade an audience of lawyers that the extreme option is the only way to boost the number of women in senior positions. Quotas are the only solution to gender equality in the workplace, or at least that’s what an audience of lawyers were swayed to believe.

But before the discussion got underway, members of the audience were asked, via an online poll, whether they agreed or disagreed with the following motion: ‘Quotas are the only solution to gender equality in the workplace.’

Arguing for the motion was co-founder of the Women’s Equality Party Catherine Mayer and Goldsmith Chambers barrister Charlotte Proudman. Meanwhile, BBC journalist Justin Webb and Thomson Reuters’ chief privacy officer Vivienne Artz argued against. Next up, Proudman. “I am an angry feminist and I am not going to apologise for that,” the pro-quota barrister told the audience.

Having heard both sides of the argument, the follow-up poll revealed the audience opinion had shifted — 57.5% for quotas and 42.5% against. Mayer and Proudman were pronounced the winners.

Read more at Legal Cheek and Thomson Reuters.

FGM: A Hidden Crime

UCL: Faculty of Law, 07.06.2018

A panel of speakers will draw together a diverse range of perspectives to answer some of the key questions surrounding the law on FGM. Is the existing legislation sufficient? How can it be enforced more effectively? Speakers include Hibo Wardere, survivor and public speaker and author about FGM; Dr Charlotte Proudman, award winning barrister, academic and speaker/writer on FGM, and equality issues; Inspector Allen Davies, Metropolitan Police Service, leading Project Azure.

Reflections on the National and International Movement to End FGM

Portsmouth University, 08.05.2018

Charlotte Proudman presents her doctoral research on the barriers to prosecuting FGM in England and Wales.

Workshop: Identifying and Safeguarding Girls at Risk of Female Genital Mutilation

National FGM Centre and Project Azure, Metropolitan Police, 18.11.2017

Charlotte Proudman provides social workers and health workers with guidance on applying for FGMPOs.


Domestic abuse and the family courts

FiLiA Feminist Conference, 15.10.2017

Charlotte will be speaking alongside an expert panel examining the rights of women and children in child contact disputes where there is a history of domestic violence.


Launch of FGM European knowledge platform for professionals

FORWARD, 24.04.2017

Charlotte was invited to speak at the launch of an online educational tool designed to equip professionals with knowledge about FGM. The event was hosted by FORWARD anti-FGM NGO, London.

Women in the Workplace. What does professional look like?

City University, 08.03.2017

Charlotte will be participating in a panel discussion on at City University to mark International Women’s Day.



From left, Dr Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite lecturer in twentieth century British history at UCL; Angela Jackman solicitor; Professor Lis Howell Director of broadcasting at City University; Charlotte Proudman barrister; and Nicola Thorp actress.


European conference to tackle FGM

FORWARD, 23.02.2017

Charlotte has been invited to speak at a one day European conference to tackle FGM organised by leading anti-FGM organisation FORWARD. Charlotte will speak about national policy and legislation designed to prevent FGM in the UK alongside a panel of experts from across the EU. Charlotte works closely with FORWARD, the National FGM Centre and other NGOs in pro bono cases where FGM Protection Orders are sought to protect girls and women at risk of FGM.


Re-defining female genital mutilation as a form of torture

UN Women Somali, 23.02.2017

UN Women Somalia held a rountable discussion with Somali Government Ministers and leading barristers about the potential and challenges of re-defining FGM as torture and an international crime.


Structural discrimination in academia and the legal profession

Trinity College Oxford, 18.02.2017

Question and answer session with Charlotte Proudman and Dr Alexander Kentikelen discussing structural discrimination on the basis of gender, race and sexuality in academia and the legal profession.


In conversation with Charlotte Proudman

Women’s Equality Party Oxford, 22.10.2016

In conversation with Charlotte Proudman on the law, FGM and honour-based violence organised by the Women’s Equality Party Oxford.



Divorce and Financial Remedies

Goldsmith Chambers, 29.10.2016

Panellist alongside other family law barristers discussing financial remedies upon divorce seminar organised in collaboration with Goldsmith Chambers and Sri Lankan Solicitors Network UK.



Family law training day on FGM

Goldsmith Chambers, 20.10.2016

Key speaker at a family law training day on FGM organised in collaboration with Goldsmith Chambers, the National FGM Centre and FORWARD. Event attended by social workers, teacher, solicitors, barristers and the judiciary.


The role of new media in advancing gender equality

Council of Europe, 30.06.2016-01.07.2016

The Gender Equality Unit of the Council of Europe invited Charlotte to speak at a conference in Estonia about the implementation of the Council of Europe Gender Equality Strategy 2014-2017. Charlotte will speak at a panel session on the role of new media in advancing gender equality. Charlotte will outline recommendations about how to improve the international/national legal and policy frameworks to combat sexism, including sexist hate speech online and offline.


Bouncing back from adversity

CMI, 12.05.2016

CMI has invited Charlotte Proudman to speak at the bouncing back series alongside Stephen Robertson ex Woolworths and entrepreneur Rachael Lowe.



Women leadership in the legal profession

Fabian society, 28.04.2016

Charlotte has been invited to speak at a Fabian Society Law Event focusing on women leadership in the legal profession.


Do young women really have it harder today?

Telegraph debate, 27.02.2016

The Telegraph invited Charlotte to participate in a panel discussion alongside Judith Woods Telegraph columnist; Yasmin Alibhai-Brown columnist; and Zing Tsjeng Broadly editor. Fellow panellist Judith Woods described Charlotte in an article in the Telegraph following the event as: “clever” and “confident” and she added: “there was maybe a little mutual interruption but, I hope, also a little mutual admiration (and certainly there was from my end): Proudman is impressively well-versed on women’s rights…”



Breaking the Cycle of Institutional Sexism in the Legal Profession with Quotas for Women

Loughborough University, 18.04.2016

Charlotte’s lecture, entitled Breaking the Cycle of Institutional Sexism in the Legal Profession with Quotas for Women, will explore wider issues of institutional sexism within the legal profession. Charlotte’s discussion will explore how feminists have been campaigning against sexist and discriminatory laws for centuries. With only approximately 13% of Queen’s Counsel and 25% of judges being women, she suggests that the people writing and enforcing the law are disproportionately biased to one gender, ethnicity, and class. Her argument is that, as the law is currently predominantly male, white and upper-class, only quotas for women will ensure gender equality in a legal profession in which sexism is endemic. See more here.


Eliminating female genital mutilation in a generation

Amnesty International Cambridge City Group, 09.03.2016

Charlotte was invited to present her doctoral research on FGM and the law in England.


Gender-bias under the law and in the courtroom

Wolfson College Cambridge, 09.03.2016

Charlotte has been invited to speak at an International Women’s Day event at Wolfson College about discrimination against women under the law.


Gender, emotions and feminism in the courtroom

University of Cambridge, 09.03.2016

The sociology department at the University of Cambridge invited Charlotte to participate in a lecture on gender, emotions and feminism in the courtroom.


In conversation with Charlotte Proudman, Leyla Hussein and Nimco Ali

WOW, 07.03.2016

Charlotte will host an in conversation event with Leyla Hussein and Nimco Ali about anti-FGM campaigning at WOW Women of the World Cambridge 2016 festival, Cambridge Junction. Read more here.


After dinner speech: Feminist jurisprudence in the UK

King’s College Cambridge, 05.03.2016

Charlotte has been invited to give an after-dinner speech reflecting on evolving feminist jurisprudence  in the UK at King’s College, Cambridge in aid of international women’s day.


Women of the world festival Cambridge

WOW, 05.03.2016

Charlotte will chair a panel discussion on feminism at WOW Women of the World Cambridge 2016 festival, Cambridge Junction.




Gender-based legal reforms: Prostitution and rape

St Anne’s College Oxford, 29.02.2016

St Anne’s College, Oxford invited Charlotte to give a lecture about gender-based legal reforms for prostitution and rape and the need for gender parity in the legal profession.


Let’s talk about diversity in the legal profession

The Times, 22.02.2016

Charlotte has been invited by The Times to participate in a panel discussion about diversity in the legal profession and the need for quotas for women in the judiciary. The event is chaired by Baroness Hale. Read more here and watch here.

IMG_5514After dinner speech: Gender equality under the law

Zonta International, 10.02.2016

Zonta International invited Charlotte to given an after dinner speech at the Blu Raddison about changing prostitution laws and introducing the Nordic model in England and Wales, which would make paying for sex a criminal offence, prostituted women would be decriminalised and exit strategies would be available for prostituted women.

Rights of Women 40th anniversary

Right of Women 08.02.2016

Charlotte has been invited to speak at the 40th anniversary celebrations for Rights of Women at Garden Court Chambers, London. Charlotte will be celebrating the work of women lawyers who dedicate their time to providing voluntary support to women requiring legal assistance.


Workshop on female genital mutilation and female genital cosmetic surgery

Amnesty International, 06.02.2016

Charlotte will run a workshop on female genital mutilation and female genital cosmetic surgery at an Amnesty International Conference in Cambridge.

FW-awards-new-logo1First real business women summit

First Women Awards, 04.02.2016 

Charlotte will participate in a debate at the First Real Business Women Summit at the Waldorf Hilton in London. Charlotte will oppose the motion: “It is sometimes necessary to turn a blind eye to prejudicial behaviour in order to further the cause of women in business and the professions”.



Coercive control conference

Coercive control, 04.02.2016

Charlotte will speak at the ‘Coercive Control Conference‘ in Bury St Edmonds about the introduction of a new offence in the Serious Crime Act 2015, which makes ‘controlling and coercive behaviour in an intimate or family relationship’ illegal. Read more here.


Debate: Quotas for women?

Fawcett society, 20.01.2016

Charlotte will participate in a debate hosted by the Fawcett Society about the introduction of quotas for women at the top of the public sector, private sector and in political life.


Cambridge Union sexism in business

Cambridge Union, 18.01.2016

Charlotte will discuss institutional sexism in business, the lack of leadership roles for women and the case for quotas for women at the Cambridge Union, organised by Cambridge Women in Business and the Cambridge Union. See Varisty for a write up of the event.




Female genital mutilation, law and policy

Harvard Law School, 04.11.2015 and 29.10.2015

Charlotte will present her Doctoral research about FGM law and policy in England from a socio-legal perspective at the Child Advocacy Program, Harvard Law School.


Women in the World

WITW, 09.10.2015

Charlotte is delighted to speak at the Women in the World Conference in London alongside Amanda Foreman, Bonnie Greer, Zing Tsjeng, and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy at the panel event ‘The End of Misogyny.’ Read about the panel discussion here, and listen here.

Female genital mutilation activism in the UK and the United States

Harvard Law School, 01.10.2015

Professor Rosenfeld invited Charlotte to chair an event on female genital mutilation activism in the UK and the United States presented by Leyla Hussein anti-FGM campaigner and psychotherapist, at Harvard Law School in collaboration with the Gender Violence Program and the Human Rights Program. Read more here.