3cb9124d12a1031eb53b45e362444829Committed to furthering social and legal justice, Charlotte has written reports and conducted research for organisations about female genital mutilation, forced marriage, prostitution, amongst other issues impacting on women’s lives. Charlotte is available to undertake research and write reports about legal matters within her areas of expertise.

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Charlotte has been invited by The Gender Equality Unit of the Council of Europe based in Strasbourg to write a report on the role of media to advance gender equality. Charlotte will make recommendations about how to improve the international/national legal and policy frameworks to combat sexism, including sexist hate speech online and offline.

Northern-Ireland_logoCharlotte was invited by the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission to draft a report for sister organisations and lawyers examining FGM legislation in the UK and the Commonwealth. The report is available here.




As a member of the Bar Human Rights Committee’s working group on FGM, Charlotte co-authored a report submitted to the The House of Commons Home Affairs Committee’s Inquiry into FGM. The report advised that the UK is in breach of international law. Two of the group’s key recommendations were adopted by the government: the introduction of FGM Protection Orders and the National FGM Centre.

The Committee also submitted written evidence to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in preparation for the March 2015 session of the Human Rights theme “Towards a better investment in the rights of the child”. The report recommends the introduction of a range of measures to protect children from FGM internationally.


1280px-Logo_Labour_Party-1140x500Charlotte worked for the former Shadow Minister for Violence Against Women and Girls in early 2015. She assisted in drafting amendments to the Serious Crime Act 2015 (then the Serious Crime Bill 2015) concerning FGM and writing speeches for the former Minister recorded in Hansard.




As a member of the Nordic Model Information Network, Charlotte signed a submission to the consultation on the Prostitution Law Reform (Scotland) Bill and a submission to the Home Affairs Committee Prostitution Inquiry along with 51 academics supporting the Nordic Model of prostitution, which criminalises buyers of sex, decriminalises prostituted women and provides exit strategies for women.