Charlotte is passionately committed to using the law as a tool to further gender equality and eliminate discrimination against women. The law is a powerful force to engender social change. As an advocate for legal change, Charlotte was instrumental in the criminalisation of forced marriage and the introduction of FGM Protection Orders, all of which has provided vulnerable women and girls with legal redress and protection.

Charlotte’s commitment to raising judicial understanding of domestic abuse and gender discrimination in the family and immigration courts is well known and her fearlessness in calling out the manifest shortcomings of the treatment of gender-related abuse in the media, the courts and in the profession is unparalleled. It is shored up by a comprehensive academic and practical understanding of the corrosive effect of myth-based assumptions about rape and coercive and controlling behaviour which lends her advocacy and campaigning work great authority.

Charlotte campaigns for the protection of victims of domestic abuse in the family courts. She is a strong advocate for judicial and professional training in the complex dynamics of domestic abuse and the impact of trauma on victim’s and children’s lives. Charlotte was co-author of an open letter signed by over 130 professionals calling for major changes to the family court’s approach in domestic abuse cases, which resulted in the government adopting several recommendations. Charlotte has been instrumental in drafting amendments to the Domestic Abuse Bill. She worked closely with Peers in the House of Lords and the London’s Victim’s Commissioner to provide legal changes to the family justice system. She was interviewed on The BBC and published in The Independent and The Guardian about the family court’s failure to address domestic abuse. Charlotte was instrumental in bringing a landmark, conjoined appeal to the Court of Appeal (H-N and others [2021]) following the family court’s failure to address allegations of rape, domestic abuse and coercive control.

In addition, Charlotte is a legal advisor to Our Streets Now and Plan UK, a campaign to criminalise public sexual harassment. She has assisted in drafting a Bill that is compliant with the government’s commitment to ratify the Istanbul Convention. In support of the campaign, Charlotte was interviewed on BBC Politics, Times Radio and LBC Radio.

Charlotte is a legal advisor to Girls Not Brides UK which seeks to criminalise child marriage in the UK and she is supporting a campaign to end so-called virginity testing in the UK.

She is co-founder of Action: FGM and she works as an advisor to the Vagina Museum.