Charlotte is an award-winning barrister “fighting for women’s rights in and out of court,” inews. Known as the “feminist barrister” and “#MeToo pioneer” by Legal Cheek, she is also described by the Telegraph as “clever”, “confident”, “impressively well-versed on women’s rights”.

Charlotte represents women and girls in cases of gender-based violence, particularly female genital mutilation (FGM). As co-founder of Action: FGM, she works closely with a coalition of organisations and experts committed to ending FGM by 2030.

Combining the law and academia, Charlotte is a Junior Research Fellow at Queens’ College, Cambridge in law and sociology where she researches FGM law and lecturesFeminist Thinking in Society and in the Law.

Charlotte was instrumental in the criminalisation of forced marriage and the introduction of FGM Protection Orders. She collaborated with the National Police Chiefs’ Council to put together a new FGM and forced marriage legal procedure (see, Family Court Practice Direction 36H FPR).

She campaigns for family courts to properly address domestic abuse. In addition, Charlotte is a legal advisor to Now Streets, which aims to make sexual harassment in public a criminal offence and she is legal ambassador to Girls not Brides UK, a campaign to make child marriage a criminal offence as well as increasing the age of marriage from 16 (with parental consent) to 18.