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"Charlotte is not afraid to bring novel challenges that look to have wider policy implications. She is passionate about making the legal system more accountable in its treatment of women and girls"

Mitchell Woolf, Solicitor, Scott-Moncrieff & Associates Ltd


Abandon FGM

"She is a leader in the field of FGM law whose research has made a significant contribution to scholarship in this area and has had an impact on case law and law reform in England and Wales"

Professor Felicity Gerry QC, Barrister

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Reform Family Courts:Domestic Abuse

"Charlotte is never shy of helping us test the boundaries of the law, or of tackling a relatively new form of domestic abuse, widespread image-based abuse (revenge porn), or raising novel arguments arising under the Equality Act, which have yet to be tested in court"

Georgina Calvert-Lee, Senior Counsel, McAllister and Olivarius

Advocating for legal reforms to advance gender equality and end discrimination under the law. 

Charlotte is passionately committed to using the law as a tool to further gender equality and eliminate discrimination against women. The law is a powerful force to engender social change. As an advocate for legal change, Charlotte was instrumental in the criminalisation of forced marriage and the introduction of FGM Protection Orders, all of which has provided vulnerable women and girls with legal redress and protection.


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Domestic abuse and gender discrimination

Charlotte’s commitment to raising judicial understanding of domestic abuse and gender discrimination in the family and immigration courts is well known and her fearlessness in calling out the manifest shortcomings of the treatment of gender-related abuse in the media, the courts and in the profession is unparalleled. It is shored up by a comprehensive academic and practical understanding of the corrosive effect of myth-based assumptions about rape and coercive and controlling behaviour which lends her advocacy and campaigning work great authority.

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Combining the law and academia, Charlotte is a Junior Research Fellow at Queens’ College, Cambridge in law and sociology where she researches FGM law and policy in the UK. In addition, she supervises postgraduate students in the Department of Sociology on related areas of interest. Charlotte’s book is due to be published by Oxford University Press, ‘FGM: When Culture and Law Clash’. She was awarded a doctorate in FGM law and policy in the UK from King’s College, Cambridge and an MPhil in Criminology from Queens’ College, Cambridge.

Charlotte’s research in the field of FGM law has made a significant contribution to scholarship in this area. In addition, Charlotte was instrumental in the introduction of Female Genital Mutilation Protection Orders in 2015. She has been instructed in precedent-setting cases before the Court of Appeal and the High Court. In collaboration with the National Police Chiefs’ Council, Charlotte assisted in drafting a new FGM and forced marriage legal directive (Practice Direction 36H FPR).



Goldsmith Chambers, Goldsmith Building, Temple, London EC4Y 7BL

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