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Combining the law and academia, Charlotte is a Fellow at Queens’ College, Cambridge in law and sociology. Charlotte supervises postgraduate students on related areas of research including the rights of migrant women, pornography, prostitution, male violence, barriers experienced by LGBTQIA+ victims of domestic abuse et cetera. She continues to research gender inequality under the law and write for academic publications.

Prior to commencing her Fellowship, Charlotte was awarded her doctorate in FGM law and policy from King’s College, Cambridge and an MPhil in Criminology from Queens’ College, Cambridge. Charlotte’s widely acclaimed book was published by Oxford University Press, ‘FGM: When Culture and Law Clash’. 

Charlotte is delighted to announce that she is writing a book about deep-rooted sexism in the justice system. It provides a raw insight into how victims are treated by a legal system that often fails them. Within 24 hours of Charlotte’s book proposal being sent to publishers, it was bought by Orion Books. Keep a look out for book updates and more!

"What Charlotte Proudman doesn't know about the laws relating to FGM isn't worth knowing. This book demonstrates how the law has to work hand in hand with civil society if we are finally going to eliminate this abuse." 

- Nazir Afzal OBE, Former Chief Prosecutor

"The cultural practice of FGM is a grievous, mutilating assault upon female sexuality and reduces the full humanity of a woman. Here the accomplished barrister, Charlotte Proudman, forensically exposes its roots and purpose and the need for law and social education to end it forever." 

- Baroness Helena Kennedy KC

"Charlotte Proudman applies her highly intelligent legal expertise, cultural sensitivity and feminist commitment to the taboo issue of the terrible suffering inflicted on women to destroy their sexuality. A 'must-read' book on the 'must end' practice of FGM." 

- Harriet Harman KC, Member of Parliament

"This must-read resource provides a rich tapestry of the complex, interwoven layers and motivations associated with tackling the practice of female genital mutilation in the UK. Charlotte Proudman proposes an intersectional analysis of the law, outlining the contradictions, perspectives from professionals and affected communities and recommends an alternative legal framework for effectively addressing existing legal and policy loopholes"

- Naana Otoo-Oyortey MBE, Executive Director, FORWARD
Academic: Causes
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