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The gender pain gap: why women's pain is not taken as seriously as men's pain?

It’s 2022. The female body cannot still be a medical mystery. Surely?

Substacks,13 September 2022

Mail order brides or human trafficking of impoverished women?
When you google “mail-order brides” in zero point something seconds, half a million websites pop up offering beautiful young women who are (apparently) eager to marry random men off the internet.

Substacks, 25 August 2022

Think abortion is legal in Great Britain? Ask the two women currently facing life sentences

The overturning of Roe v Wade is horrific, but vulnerable women are being imprisoned for ending pregnancies right now in Britain. It’s time to legalise abortion.

The Guardian, 19 August 2022

Witch hunts of famous women in the media
The media notoriously places famous women on pedestals, showering them with admiration before viciously tearing them down and mocking them as they fall from grace.

Substacks, 5 August 2022 

Sexist laws in the last 100 years

A UN council member once described the UK as having a sexist “boys club culture” and honestly it is not that surprising.

Substacks, 3 August 2022

Times Radio

As a guest on the Times Radio talking about the blatant misogyny and sexism that has plagued Love Island.

Being a radical feminist means being a trans ally at the same time.

How can we liberate cis women and leave behind one of the most marginalised groups in our society?

Independent, 28 July 2022

After this outrage, it’s time to break up with Love Island for good

One of the main concerns of the show is the age of the audience watching it – and I can see why

Independent, 20 July 2022

BBC Radio 4 July 2022

Why decriminalising abortion is one of the biggest issues of our time.


The Depp Heard verdict is a gag order for women

The Washington Post, 02 June 2022

What will happen to women after the Depp v Heard verdict?

I’ll tell you what this means for women across the world: if you speak up against sexual violence you will face our culture’s wrath

Indepedent, 02 June 2022

Why do people blindly support Johnny Depp? I’ll tell you why

As a barrister, I see many victims of domestic abuse being sued for ‘defamation’, for daring to speak about what their perpetrator did to them. Meanwhile, the world questions whether they’re a ‘real victim’

Independent, 01 June 2022

Everything we’ve learnt from the Depp v Heard trial

RIP #MeToo: it is now nothing but a badge of honour for the accused

Independent, 27 May 2022

Rape Conviction Rates are Abysmally Low. What Needs to be Done?

Has rape become de facto “de-criminalised”, as claimed by a number of women’s rights organisations?

Political Quarterly,17 March 2022

Rape victims failed by UK criminal courts are being forced to seek justice elsewhere

With prosecutions at an all-time low, some women are turning to civil courts – but the process can be difficult and expensive

The Guardian,19 April 2022

Swipe right – find misery and heartbreak. The law must get tough on online dating scams

Fraudsters are deceiving and manipulating people who yearn for love. These catfishers must be held accountable

The Guardian, 22 March 2022

To end FGM, the UK must protect girls everywhere, not just in this country

British women and girls are still being cut abroad and foreigners who are vulnerable are denied asylum by the UK.

The Guardian, 01 March 2022

It was right to expose Andrew Griffiths as an abuser; powerful men must be accountable

As Kate Griffiths’s barrister, I know how strongly she wanted this case to help those less able to fight for themselves.

The Guardian, 11 December 2021

The discredited legal tactic that's putting abused UK children in danger

Our family courts are allowing perpetrators to use the bogus idea of ‘parental alienation’ to gain access to their victims.

The Guardian, 21 July 2021

Family courts are disturbingly out of touch in dealing with domestic abuse

Regular training sessions for judges and magistrates should be mandatory, as a Lords amendment I helped draft lays out

The Guardian, 03 April 2021

I’m a human rights barrister – and this case made me question the government’s approach to FGM

An 11-year-old girl called Jasmine is at risk of deportation from the UK, despite facing FGM in her home country. Here, human rights barrister Charlotte Proudman explains why the case should concern us all.

Stylist, 2020

A review of the law surrounding female genital mutilation protection orders

British Journal of Midwifery, 02 July 2020

Breaking the silence
The difference in legal frameworks between the US and the UK when it comes to dealing with sexual harassment on campus

TLS, 10 April 2020

OPINION Disclosure in criminal trials: an unjustified moral panic in rape cases?

Two years on, an assessment of R v  Allan’ s impact on reform of disclosure duties in criminal trials – and the prosecution of rape cases more broadly. By Anthony Metzer QC and Dr Charlotte Proudman 

Counsel, 14 February 2020

The courts’ outdated views on domestic violence are putting vulnerable children at risk of harm

A shocking family court judgment expressed an alarming view of sexual consent, but the problem may be a lot wider than one judge. So what should be done?

Independent, 25 January 2020

Campus rape: breach of care

As reports of rape assaults on campus soar, Georgina Calvert-Lee and Charlotte Proudman raise awareness of the public duty of care in this developing area of law 

Counsel, 21 October 2019

Ban child marriage: safeguard futures

Consent or coercion? Lawyers are collaborating on a proposed Bill as part of a wider campaign to criminalise marriage involving children aged under 18 

Counsel, 21 October 2019

Britain claims it protects girls from FGM. So why are we deporting them?

A 10-year-old at risk of FGM has been refused asylum. Clearly, immigration targets matter more than vulnerable girls

The Guaridan, 25 September 2019

No, accused rapists should absolutely not be given anonymity – this is why

It is clearly not the right idea to make it even more difficult for women to pluck up the courage to report their assault

Independent, 01 July 2019

I’ve seen how lawyers’ sexism corrupts justice. This is how to change the industry

We need tough sanctions for sexual harassment, gender parity in chambers, and to close the pay gap, in a radical overhaul.

The Guardian, 18 May 2019

The legal profession is rife with prejudice – I’ve seen it first-hand

As a junior barrister in 2015, I went public about sexual harassment. Attitudes haven’t changed a bit since then

The Guardian,18 February 2019

What about #MeToo? How the Lord Lester case shows the Old Boys’ Club still rules

The treatment of Jasvinder Sanghera shows that the Establishment remains in charge of the second chamber, writes Barrister Dr Charlotte Proudman.

Left Foot Forward, 28 November, 2018

Feminism and the Labour Left: a perfect political union?
Socialist and feminist politics have sometimes had a difficult relationship in the past, but an intersectional approach can move past these issues. This article looks at the importance of culture and policy, and sets out four ways feminist policies should feature in Labour’s programme for 2018 and beyond. 

Renewal Journal, 22 Febuary 2018

Why does police mishandling of evidence only make headlines in rape cases?

The media frenzy around the Liam Allan and Isaac Itiary trials will only act to deter future complainants from coming forward

The Guardian, 21 December 2017

There is a witch hunt happening right now – but it’s not against men

In the past, women were symbolically burnt at the stake or drowned in a public spectacle. In a more civilised society, women are today put on trial by media with vultures picking apart their personal history, which is transformed into sensational headlines

Independent, 07 November 2017

British women cannot wait 50 years for justice

Men’s domination of the senior echelons of the British judiciary means the law is biased against women. We urgently need gender quotas for women in senior legal roles.

The Guardian,15 March 2016

Quotas are the only way to combat sexism in the workplace, and we shouldn't be afraid to demand them

I'm tired of members of the old boys' club telling me that quotas are "patronising" to women while holding on to their privileged positions - especially in the legal profession

Independent, 10 November 2015

Michelle Payne's stunning victory proves why sexual apartheid in sport must end
Jockey Michelle Payne has made history by becoming the first woman to win the Melbourne Cup, calling out sexism on her way to the top. Barrister Charlotte Proudman makes the case for mixed-gender tournaments

The Telegraph, 04 November 2015

Port and prejudice – drinking societies are the dark side of Oxbridge

The excesses of male-only clubs such as Oxford’s Piers Gaveston and Cambridge’s Wyverns cement the misogyny and privilege of a narrow elite

The Guardian,26 October 2015

Playboy’s big cover-up is anything but a victory for women

Why is the magazine scrapping nude pictures of women? Not because it’s had an ethical awakening, but because pornography is so all-pervasive in society

The Guaridan,19 October 2015

I was labelled a feminazi – here is how feminists can fight the word

The term is used as a weapon to attack women’s rights, but we can fight back by reinforcing the potency of feminism and exposing misogyny

 The Guaridan,01 October 2015 

Sumption encapsulates the law’s sexism: only quotas can challenge male privilege

If the supreme court judge thinks women are opting to shun senior judicial posts, he doesn’t understand power.

 The Guaridan, 24 September 2015 

Don’t let the abuse scare you: we can confront the sexists

I’ve received death threats for going public about the abuse I got, but it’s the only way to achieve gender equality

The Guaridan,16 September 2015

Institutional sexism in the legal profession will only end when lawyers confront its existence
Our justice system suffers because women are invisible in shaping laws that impact women’s lives.

The Statesman, 25 September 2015

I've been called a 'Feminazi' for calling out a sexist man on Linkedin – but I spoke out for all women

Solicitors have already informed me that they will no longer instruct me in legal cases

Independent, 11 September 2015

FGM and the Serious Crime Act 2015

Nkumbe Ekaney QC of Albion Chambers and Charlotte Proudman of Mansfield Chambers consider the important provisions introduced to protect girls and women from FGM.

Family Law Week, 15 July 2015

FGM: prosecution and prevention

Nkumbe Ekaney QC and Charlotte Proudman examine the impact of the first FGM case litigated in care proceedings  

Counsel, 27 April 2015

In the Matter of B and G (Children) (No 3) [2015] EWFC 27
Consideration of threshold and subsequent appropriate orders within public law proceedings

Family Law Week, 27 March 2015

Not for sale

Charlotte Proudman on prostitution, sex buyer laws and the “End Demand” campaign.  

End Demand, a new campaign to change laws relating to prostitution, was launched on 22 October 2014. 

Counsel, 10 March 2015

Come on Cameron. If you really want to end FGM, it's time to act - and fast

Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced new policies to tackle female genital mutilation in the UK. It's a step in the right direction. But, argue two barristers who were part of the Parliamentary Inquiry into FGM, they don't go far - or fast - enough

The Telegraph, 23 July 2014

We need action, not more words: fight FGM the way we fight forced marriage

Instead of immediately implementing protective measures to fight female genital mutilation, the government has called for further "consultation". But it's time for action, not more talking.

The New Statesman, 22 July 2014

Let's stop talking about 'honour killing'. There is no honour in murder

These acts of violence attack something more than women's bodies: they also attack their challenge to oppressive patriarchy

The Guardian, 23 June 2014

Is it acceptable to profit from the social care of vulnerable children?

With 78 per cent of children's homes not in community hands, we need to examine whether privatisation has been in the best interests of the child

Independent, 03 January 2014

Missing Children, Missing Care and Missing Questions: Why Are Children in Care Being Failed?

We need a debate about whether it is morally acceptable to profit from the social care of vulnerable children. About how palatable the commodification of care is. About how appropriate it is to have a 'market' in housing children with multiple needs...

Huffpost, 02 Jaunuary 2014

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